Cinekinetic’s Cinesaddle: the camera support that’ll get you out of a tight corner

Leave your tripod at home and use your camera bag instead.

CINESADDLE1 Perfect composition always seems to require putting the camera in the most awkward position in a room. You can try wrestling it into place with a sandbag or two, but there’s a better way: the Cinesaddle.

The Cinesaddle is an offering from Cinekinetic (trying saying that five times quickly) originating on a small island just off the coast of New Zealand. The beauty of the Cinesaddle is in its magic hi-tech beans that carefully cushion your camera while absorbing vibrations that could ruin the shot.

It’s one of those great movie industry ideas: simple, but effective. And not just for lock-down shots: with a bit of practice you can actually achieve decent pan and tilt movements.

The bag will fit into those tight spaces we referenced earlier, but includes a mounting kit that allows you to fix the bag to just about anything: a conventional tripod mount, Dana dolly–pretty much anything that you can wrap a strap around.

For the ultimate in portability, the “Marsupial” variety of CineSaddle bags include an additional pouch for storing your smaller form-factor cameras–DSLRs, Ursa and ALEXA Minis etc. (Full-sized Ursas, REDs and ALEXAs need not apply). In other words, your camera bag is your tripod.

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