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Canon and Nikon: fifth anniversary of Full Stop guides

For five years Douglas J. Klostermann has published the Full Stop guides for both Canon and Nikon. Extending and complementing the manuals for the most popular models, these guides are written in a language photographers understand.


The whole collection of guides from Full Stop comprises 24 eBooks, penned the last five years, all available in .pdf format, some also in epub. Canon and Nikon camera owners will find in the collection a manual for their camera or, sometimes, a similar model, from which they will get to understand how their specific model works.

These guides, with between 200 and 400 pages, explain everything about each model covered, and do it in a language photographers understand, something one cannot always say about manuals. Although manuals cover the technical aspects of the cameras they are written for, many times they lack the passion and practicality one finds on these guides. That is one of the reasons why so many people never read the manual of their cameras, although manuals, and/or guides, are the only way to fully understand what a camera can and cannot do.


The guides written by photographer and author Douglas J. Klostermann go beyond the manual, and they not only explain how but also why certain choices and options should be chosen. The style and layout of these manuals are very similar throughout the series, with a logical sequence that goes from the essential features to more advanced use of all the controls in each model. Each guide makes it easy to learn when and why to use the various features, controls, and menu settings, to help users to fully understand the potential of the camera they own.

The guides are written for those who wish to get more out of their camera, go beyond Auto, Program, and Scene modes in order to shoot competently in Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Priority, and Manual modes. Complete beginners, advanced amateurs and professionals in need of a refresher course of the models they use will always find information they will use, within the hundreds of pages of these guides. And even if a guide covers a camera model classified as amateur, users will learn to use them in a professional way after reading one of Full Stop guides.


Video is also covered in the more recent guides, following a trend for the use of video in DSLR cameras. The essential features in terms of video for modern cameras are now a part of all guides, meaning both photographers and videographers using DSLRs get the information they need to fully understand each camera model.

The opinion from readers published at Full Stop’s website does reflect how well these guides have been accepted. Comments state things like “It’s the first guide I’ve read which has taken me through all the settings in an understandable way. I now feel that I have control over the camera” or “This e-book is helping me actually understand the camera at my own pace, and best of all is that the book isn’t hard to understand. It’s a great book that I carry on my iPad wherever I take my camera.”

Some of the most recent guides published by Full Stop include camera models as Nikon D750, D7200, and D810, and Canon 5DS/R and 7DII. But within the whole collection you’ll certainly find a guide for some of the most popular models launched the last five years, or a model similar to the camera you own, which will still help you to understand everything from the basics to the advanced features.

These guides can be bought and downloaded immediately, and they are easy to take everywhere in your smartphone or tablet, so you can always refresh your knowledge of the camera you use, when needed.

Visit Full Stop‘s website and check the titles for all the guides available. Some of them even offer a downloadable preview that will give you an idea of what to expect.


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