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Mel Feliciano

Another great write up from someone I have been following and reading since the days of paper magazines, Mr. Oliver Peters. This is an excellent introduction to “the Avid” for those that think FCPX, Premiere Pro, and Davinci Resolve are the only NLEs out there. I haven’t use the new version of Media Composer with the revamped interface yet but I have noticed that some things have not changed, unfortunately. The Scopes (vertor scope, waveform…) are still from 90’s. The overlays are jagged and look dated when compare to the competition. You can’t have Pro Tools and Media Composer opened on the same computer. I would like to know what’s the adoption ratio between the new Media Composer and the classic one in Hollywood.

Oliver Peters

Thanks for the kind words. I would say that it’s still a work in progress. I imagine Hollywood is still on older versions up to 2018 for compatibility reasons. Although I have no hard data to back that up. Agreed on MC and PT open at the same time. You can do it with Premiere Pro/Audition and FCPX/Logic Pro X. So Avid should be able to as well. But I guess not yet. OTOH, those are definitely different disciplines, so I wonder how many Media Composer editors also own and know how to use Pro Tools.

Mel Feliciano

I own and know both, Media Composer and Pro Tools, but I’m a freelance “preditor” and a musician. In my case I decide which software to use based on the project. I like to use a software combination that work the best together. If I’m editing in Davinci Resolve then I use Fairlight for the audio, Premiere Pro with Audition, Final Cut Pro X with Logic, and Media Composer with Pro Tools.

Scott Simmons

That’s a sound plan!

Charles Rawlins

I am a certified Avid user but also a Certified Premier Pro expert, and the two systems have much more in common in general editing practice than Avid might want to think, the main issues with Avid is lack of intigrated dynamic linking with other software applications, until this is fully recognised along with general operating ease compared to Premier it will continue to lose market share. Its frustrating because Avid does focus on performance of actors rightly but as Walter Murch has said your not very communicative and as excessable as Adobe you might want to look to it.


It’s interesting to hear your perspective as a certified user of both Avid and Premier Pro. Your insights on the similarities in editing practices and the potential for Avid to enhance dynamic linking with other software are valuable. Indeed, prioritizing communication and accessibility, as Adobe does, could bolster Avid’s market competitiveness.

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