ARRI Signature Prime and Mini LF Event: Sim Video, Vancouver

Come one, come all. We have new toys and three great presentations.

Come see me on June 6th at Sim Video in Vancouver, B.C., where I’ll co-present a session on ARRI Signature Primes with product manager Thorsten Meywald. Francois Gauthier, technical sales rep for Canada, will give a presentation on the new ARRI Mini LF. And yes, we’ll have a prototype Mini LF on hand.

We’ll have two sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. You can sign up here.

Art Adams is Cinema Lens Specialist with ARRI, Inc. You can reach him here.

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Art Adams is a cinema lens specialist at ARRI, Inc. Before that, he was a freelance cinematographer for 26 years. You can see his work at http://www.artadamsdp.com. Art has been published in HD Video Pro,…