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So what happens to Thunderbolt if there’s a move to ARM. Isn’t Thunderbolt dependent on communication with the Intel CPU?

Joshua Kulic

I believe usb 4 will be used in its stead. It’s supposedly backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 3 as well. Time will tell.

Gary Adcock

Joshua, that would be my assumption too, with the TB3 spec’s being fully implemented under a more universally accessible USB4 protocol would be the most logical, and it also removes any of the associated licensing, development, and certification costs that are expiring with transition from dedicated Thunderbolt chipsets to USB’s capability to work in the systems core operating instructions to speed interactions at all levels.

Remember I would also be thinking about DisplayPort2,0 and the functionality that requires for I/O.

I think there might be some very cool things out of this transition in the long run. It is going to be painful for quite a few, but I think that most people will barely notice the conversion.


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