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Memo Sauceda

What a great tool to have, thank you!

John A. Mozzer

As far as I’m concerned, the Android File Transfer app for MacOS has a bug. Or maybe the bug was introduced with a MacOS update? I’ve been using the Android File Transfer app on my Mac computers for years. I also have been using the Mac’s Finder in List View to organize files and folders for years. Originally, when using Android File Transfer, the Android operating system’s creation date for files being transferred would be preserved as the Finder’s creation date. At some point, this was no longer the case. Instead, the Finder’s creation date is the date and time of doing the transfer, which is not important to me. Only the Finder’s modification date preserves the date the file was actually created. Now I have to take an additional step after transferring files. I use A Better Finder Attributes to copy the file modification date to the file creation date.

Ross Martin

I’d highly recommend Warpinator for this job. It allows you to quickly transfer files to pretty much any device or OS, as long as they’re on the same network! Thanks.

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