Are the Apple M1s outdoing everyone? 5
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Vincent Rice

Terrible headline. “Are the Apple M1s as fast as everyone says?” would have been better. The answer would have been yes, yes they are. For media-related compute they are extraordinary. Will Intel or AMD catch up in a the medium term? (5 years say). No, no they won’t, for the simple reason that they haven’t been ploughing billions into ARM integration for the past 10/12 years. Are they a good ‘value proposition’ (horrible phrase)?
Yes of course they are – I don’t know what other conclusion could be drawn. Weirdly annoying article.

Phil Rhodes

Well, since you ask, the other conclusion that could be drawn is that they’re not as great a value proposition as they might appear, and that’s an idea that the numbers support. Concerning oneself with those numbers is not cool, not fun, and not really the user experience that Apple promote, but the facts remain.

I think this is really about Apple being masters of their own destiny and not having to pay Intel to exist anymore. If that lets them pass on savings to the user, and it should, great.

In the medium term, in order for non-Apple workstations and laptops to move to ARM (or something else, for that matter), it doesn’t actually require Intel or AMD to produce an ARM device. It just takes someone, anyone to produce an ARM device, and outfits like Marvell have already done it.

Nobody’s pretending that x86 isn’t a bit of a mess, it’s just a very highly developed mess that supports all the world’s best software, and like I say, I’d hesitate to assume it’s curtains quite yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go either way.

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