360º Video Report #6 – Annette Tindall – Zeiss VR ONE Head Mounted Display


Zeiss have being making high-end lenses and optics for over 160 years. What they don’t they don’t know about lens technology isn’t worth knowing. As well as creating great cinema camera lenses, Zeiss have applied their optical science and glass engineering skills to binoculars, scopes, eye glasses and now VR Head Mounted Displays:

(Don’t forget to watch the 360° video using the Google Chrome browser at the highest resolution you can – ideally 4K 2160s. If it doesn’t run smoothly at 2160s come down to 1440s or 1080HD. Click your mouse on the video and drag left and right and up and down to see the scene in 360º spherical.)

As Annette points out … VR is all about visual immersion and having great content AND a great HMD really ensures that viewers experience the feeling of PRESENCE. If you’ve worn any HMD for a few hours you know how important eye comfort is and why great optics matter.

Don’t forget to read my primer article on how to watch 360º videos if you don’t already know.



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