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After Effects Classic Course: Tinting with Solids & Shape Layers

You don’t need to add an effect to tint footage…

In the previous post we showed you how to use Photo Filter, which is an extremely easy color tinting effect. However, you don’t even need to use a plug-in to get this result; you can get the exact same effect using Solids and Blending Modes. 

For an advanced version of this trick, it is worth learning how to create Shape Layers. Shape Layers allow you to fill them with gradients, which allows you to tint the top and bottom or left and right sides of the image differently, or even introduce multiple color tints across an image. This is especially useful for enhancing skies. We show how to use both Solids and Shape Layers in the movie below:

This movie was previously created for our Insight Into Effects course on Learning. They’ve retired that course from their library, so we’re making the movies from it available publicly for free. Click here for the playlist of previous movies we’ve made available.

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