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AE Project Diary: 6) Xian part 2: With Video!

A video for those who prefer to watch than read

As part of the After Effects Project Diary series, my last article looked at colour grading on the Xian project.  However at over 5,000 words it’s a bit of a slog and covered a lot of personal history.  While all of the extra background information is the main point of the project diaries, I know that for many people it’s easier to watch than to read – so here’s a relatively quick video that demonstrates the main points covered:

While the video demonstrates the main point of the full article – the benefits of keeping the compositing and colour grading processes separate – you can read the original articles here:

Part 1 (compositing)

Part 2 (colour grading)

And of course, if you found these interesting then please check out my other articles.

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