Adobe Premiere Pro (Beta) updates Labels. Editors rejoice. 1
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Josh Weiss

I remember being in the beta when the previous label scheme came out and saying to the engineers that I didn’t even know what cerulean was or a few of the other colors. Glad to see this new options Scott!


I’m a label fiend. Love AEscripts Labels Pro 2.0. But now the update almost makes the extension moot. It’s still worth getting the extension (or just looking at the palettes on the page) just to sample some well thought out label sets. Paul Conigliaro ( @Conigs ) theme is my absolute fave. Clearly defined, logically ordered colours together with black, white and grey. 2nd place goes to the Material theme. It’s the best colour (no b,w or grey) set but can be harder to distinguish between hues so I prefer Paul’s. The extension still allows for a palette to choose from. And it’s really great in After Effects.

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