Adobe makes a tv commercial for Adobe Premiere Pro 3
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Ready for Prime Time!


“You might notice that the spot above is 1:15.” – uh, no. The YouTube file has :15 tacked on. It’s a :60.

James Jenkins

Rumors I heard on the internet is the Adobe TV spot was edited on Davinci Resolve as Premiere Pro was too unstable.

Warren Heaton

It’s been a while since I’ve been at 72 and Sunny, but their edit bays are all Mac with Creative Cloud. I’ll ask Jeff Yarslow about it next time I see him.

Warren Heaton

There’s an Adobe Photoshop spot that’s airing right now that like the Premiere Pro spot is very well done and just like the Premier Pro spot maybe a better ad for After Effects.

Shari Girardeau

I’ve seen the while thing on TV. Frustrating that the actor’s identitycan’t be found. He looks like the guy who does “DudeDad” on Facebook.

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