A Digital Asset Management System will solve the following issues

In my work with our very ownOpen Source Digital Asset Management System – Razuna– I come upon the same questions with almost every prospect that take into consideration the use of a Digital Asset Management System. Sometimes the question is phrased differently, but it always burns down to this;

“What solution will your Digital Asset Management offer to solve {the issue}…?”

Since I am facing the same questions (more or less), I thought to address the following in a blog post. May our (potential) customers and others benefit from it.

Issue 1: I have a file server, why should I use a Digital Asset Management System

While the concept of storing and retrieving files in a Digital Asset Management System and a file server are somewhat the same, the similarity stops here. While a file server, is exactly “a file server” and nothing more, that is to *store* files, a Digital Asset Management System brings you some added value like;

  • Search & Find. While a file server can be indexed by the local desktop machine who has “Spotlight” (MacOS X) or some Windows tool, the index itself will not be published to others to take advantage of it. Imagine this in a 10, 50 or more employees organization.
  • Access control from the Internet. In the case of Razuna, you will have a full featured web server at hand, meaning you can allow your clients to search and find assets in your system. Giving them even access to dedicated “project” folders and collaborate on the assets.
  • Collaboration. As mentioned above, giving clients access to projects, is a huge benefit. Instead of sending out a CD/DVD, wasting some valuable time and going back and forth with your client, you can do it right here, right now, with a Digital Asset Management System.
  • No more duplicates. While there is literally no control on a file server, you can gain control over your assets with a Digital Asset Management System.

This list is by far not complete, but it should give you a idea, why a Digital Asset Management System can be beneficial.

Issue 2: My assets are duplicated all over. Departments send each other eMails with the assets. How can I control this mess?

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