Several people standing in the woods at night behind crime scene tape, a cool blue backlight lancing through mist while the foreground is lit by warmer car headlights.
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The article is sort of “once over lightly”. I like the writer’s style. Among other issues that could have been touched upon:
Outdoors can be close to impossible to add haze or mist if there is ANY wind. That is when you need the dudes with the chrome-wheeled truck and a budget and even then it can be imperfect.
The behavior of the light through the mist can vary wildly depending on the relationship of the light to the lens. A light pointed toward the lens has an affect that can be more 10X more bright than a light pointed away from the lens through the mist/haze.
It can be very hard to blend the mist/haze in any environment to avoid something that looks like cigarette smoke creeping into the frame. It requires the area to be sealed off somewhat from “clean air” and requires fans to continually mix the densities of haze.
It would good to hear if any of the machines and liquids work better than others.
Lastly don’t get too angry at the people with the big truck and union contract, I think everyone should earn enough money making movies to live a decent life. I know too many people slowly going broke trying to make movies.

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