Wooden Camera’s URSA Mini Side Plate and Wireless Adapter

Wooden Camera's URSA Mini Side Plate and Wireless Adapter 1

There are times when a company releases the one product which will make your life a little easier as a shooter. For me, it is the Wooden Camera Wireless Side Plate Adapter for the URSA Mini. See, I come from the world where we have no separate audio recorder or mixer. I tend to shoot […]

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Affinity Photo: HDR, focus stacking, macros, tone mapping and more

Affinity Photo: HDR, focus stacking and much more

Affinity Photo v 1.5 will arrive to the Mac App Store somewhere in September, October the latest. The actual version is available at a 20% discount price of £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 until Thursday, July 21, as part of a promotion to mark Affinity’s Photo first anniversary. Affinity Photo, the award-winning professional image editing […]

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Review: iKlip A/V mount/grip/pre-preamp for smartphones & small cameras

Review: iKlip A/V mount/grip/pre-preamp for smartphones & small cameras 2

After my recent “first look”, here is the review of IK Multimedia’s iKlip A/V preamp/mount/grip for smartphones & small cameras. This article review includes an audio test recording I made through the iKlip A/V’s onboard pre-preamplifier using a balanced XLR dynamic microphone to my Nexus 6 smartphone. With the iKlip A/V, IK Multimedia is even […]

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Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield Shipping


Get your DIY on with Blackmagic’s 3G-SDI Arduino Shield. The Arduino is built to help creatives and engineers build their own custom controllers for cameras and other SDI devices. In the past, if broadcast engineers wanted to integrate Blackmagic’s cameras into their already built systems they would need to build SDI hardware to do remote […]

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Fujifilm’s free color space converter

IDTs must be downloaded from Fujifilm's server

Fujifilm makes high-end LUT boxes allowing both color space conversion and look creation. The flagship IS-100, a.k.a. CCBOXX, is a full-freight, ACES-compatible color management system, while the IS-mini is a more compact (and affordable) LUT box with ASC CDL color-correction and look-creation capability. The  IS-mini Color Space Converter is a free subset of the IS-mini’s […]

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