NAB 2013: Red Giant’s BulletProof and Digital Rebellion

While roaming the NAB 2013 show floor with the FreshDV guys we stopped by the Red Giant Software booth to get an up-close look at the new data wrangling tool BulletProof. And the it was waaaay down to the back of the South Hall to visit Digital Rebellion and see their new online collaboration review and approval tool

If you haven’t read the Editblog’s early look at BulletProof give it a read here. You can really get a good idea of the tool between that and the interview we did with Stu Maschwitz.



Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn’t really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production and Graphic Design he was in one of the early graduating classes at the Watkins Film School in Nashville, Tennessee. During that time at Watkins he discovered editing. While most of his classmates in film school wanted to be directors, Scott saw real career opportunities in post production and took a job as an assistant editor after completing film school. In 1999, Scott took the leap into freelancing and in 2007 accepted a position as an editor at Filmworkers – Nashville. In 2005 Scott created The Editblog a website dedicated to all things editing and post-production which is now housed here at PVC. Someday he hopes to edit on a beach with a touch screen device, a wireless hard drive and a Red Stripe.