YI Horizon VR180 on show at CES 2018

YI Technology and Google used CES 2018 as the stage to present the new YI Horizon VR180 Camera, so you can “capture the world as you see it”.

YI Horizon VR180 on show at CES2018

Google announced, June last year, that 360 was too much for many users, and that 180 degrees of VR was enough. The YI Horizon VR180 Camera is a new  camera model to explore the format.

When back in June of 2017 Google announced that the company was developing VR180 tools, because “most users of VR tend to only explore the area right in front of them”, some could not believe the idea was going forward. Apparently it has, as YI Technology in collaboration with Google’s Virtual Reality (VR) team, announced, this edition of CES, details of its YI Horizon VR180 Camera. Back in 2017 another company announced a 180 solution, although different, suggesting there was interest for the 180 format.

Developed to leverage Google’s new VR180 format, the stereoscopic, 3-D camera gives users an easy way to capture high-resolution, immersive video that lets anyone who views it immediately transport to new and amazing places. According to the information now available, the camera seamlessly integrates with YouTube and Google Photos so viewers can easily activate a VR experience when viewed with Google Cardboard, Daydream, PSVR, and a number of other certified VR viewers. Viewers can also easily view the content in 2D.

The YI Horizon VR180 Camera captures 3D video in 5.7K resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) and video looks great on desktop or mobile. The camera also features instant in-device stitching and supports live streaming so creators and fans can be together in real time.

YI Horizon VR180 on show at CES2018

“We truly believe that it should be easy for everyone to create and share virtual reality experiences,” said Sean Da, CEO of YI Technology. “Whether it is to demonstrate a makeup tutorial or share rich experiences from a recent trip with friends and loved ones, the YI Horizon VR180 Camera provides an easy and deeply engaging way to capture many of life’s most special moments. When the opportunity to work closely with Google’s VR team on this initiative presented itself, it was a no-brainer given the team’s extraordinary commitment to defining the future of VR experiences and extensive investment in the YouTube VR180 format. We believe the YI Horizon VR180 Camera will bring endless amounts of joy to all that use the device.”

“We introduced VR180 as a way to make capturing high quality, immersive photos and video easy for consumers and professional creators” said Clay Bavor, VP of VR at Google. “YI’s camera has amazing image quality, as well as features that we think will be compelling for creators like livestreaming and a preview display. We’re excited to see what consumers and creators are able to capture and bring to virtual reality.”

Key YI Horizon VR180 Camera Features:

  • Capture stunning 5.7k resolution photos and video
  • One-button live video streaming
  • 2.2 inch, 640×360 retina touch screen
  • Features Type-C USB port with HD speed data transmission
  • Professional-grade 4 microphone design with outdoor noise reduction
  • Easily manage photos and videos by using the VR180 app by Google
  • Compatible with YouTube and Google Photos

The YI Horizon VR180 will be available this Spring, according to YI Technology.


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