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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Working with Boris Sapphire’s S_LensFlare

If someone asks you what your favorite effect is, what would you say?  I always have the same answer.  S_Glow from Boris Sapphire.  For me, the effects in their lighting bundle are second to none, and S_LensFlare ranks right up there with S_Glow as probably my favorite effects in that category.  Not only does the effect have a ton of great presets (16 new ones as of the 2020 update), it’s super simple to use, it has Mocha integration and the Flare Designer is super awesome as well.  This one effect could easily have 10 tutorials done on it, as it really is that in depth, so what I decided to do for this lesson is focus on three main features of S_LensFlare.  First, we’re going to look at adding realistic elements to your shots, then we’ll move on and talk about integrated Mocha tracking, and how you’ll be able to lock your lens flares to a Mocha track you just created, and then we’ll move on and talk about the Flare Designer, and how you can access presets inside the Flare Designer, to create new flares to add to your toolkit!  Enjoy!

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