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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Working with 2:3 Pulldown

I can’t remember the time that I last worked in a 1080i timeline. I’m pretty much 23.98 all the way. Working with 23.98 clips in a 1080i timeline is fairly straightforward. You’re going to add 3:2 pulldown to take your 23.98 progressive clip/show, to convert it to 29.97 frames per second. But what happens if you’re working in a timeline, and you’ve been given 1080i clips that you know come from a 23.98 master…..OR you’ve been given a promo, commercial, or potentially even a show that was mastered in 23.98, but converted to 1080i for output, and all you have is that 1080i master clip, and you need to convert it back to progressive, so you can make a sweet looking progressive 23.98 fps file.  That’s where 2:3 pulldown, or Reverse Telecine, comes into play! In this lesson, we’re going to cover how to take 1080i clips that were originally shot in 23.98 fps, and add 2:3 pulldown to make them fit seamlessly in your progressive timeline.  Enjoy

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