WordPress security + multi-backups—free ebook until this Sunday

With 6 million password attack attempts every 16 hours, we need the best combination of security, convenience and continuous automatic backups to multiple destinations.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for websites, with or without blogs. WordPress is getting better all the time. But thanks to its popularity, WordPress is also a big target for hackers, with 6 million password attack attempts every 16 hours according to an industry leader. That’s why we need the best combination of security, convenience and continuous automatic backups to multiple destinations, on different servers in different geographical locations. I’d like to share my new strategy for mid 2017, which involves 5 layers of security followed by a backup system that automatically sends the data to multiple servers in different geographical locations, and is known to allow fast and reliable restorations. You can get this brand-new ebook free between today and Sunday, August 13, 2017.

After midnight that day, it will no longer be free. Please feel free to share this link: YourWebsiteSecurity.com with friends and colleagues. That link will automatically send you (or your friend) to the closest Amazon store, anywhere in the world. After you finish this short ebook, your honest review will be greatly appreciated on the Amazon website. Any typos or other comments, please send them directly to me. Amazon makes free Kindle apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), macOS, Web with offline mode (ideal for Chromebook), WebOS and Windows.

Only in English?
Unlike many of the others, so far, I have only written this particular book in English. If I receive 11 (or more) serious requests to publish a Castilian version, I’ll gladly release it in the language of Cervantes.

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