Widen Releases Much Anticipated Version 5.2 Summer Update

Widen Enterprises, a Madison, Wisconsin-based premedia and software as a service provider, is proud to announce the release of its much-anticipated Summer Update. Version 5.2 of the company’s Digital Asset Management application is the second in an aggressive three-per-year update release cycle that the company utilizes to introduce new features to its users and increase the functionality of the application.

In an ever increasing effort to update its applications to fit the needs and demands of the market, Widen bases its update features largely on customer feedback, extensive market research and competitive intelligence, assuring Widen’s DAM applications are always cutting edge and leading the industry.

Outstanding features of the version 5.2 update include Live Chat Support, which provides users of the Media Collective® with real-time live support through chat and screen sharing during regular business hours. Here, users can get instant answers to any questions pertaining to the application or its features, again, making Widen’s DAM both effective and efficient!

The 5.2 upgrade also provides the ability of Administrators to access, create and edit metadata fields and map XMP/IPTC/EXIF data on files to metadata fields. EXIF and IPTC information is now displayed for each asset.

Widen also enhanced DAM’s quick search capabilities to allow for wildcard searching, more highly refined searches and the ability to search specific metadata fields. In addition, users can search the text within PDF, Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel® files.

Another feature Widen developers have added in response to customer feedback is the ability to upload files to DAM via designated email addresses. Here, users may send attachments to a specific email address and the assets will be automatically uploaded.

This update is a testament to the fact that it is Widen’s vision that its customers drive the ongoing development and success of its technology, and that its marketing, support and technical teams proactively develop solutions to serve the userbase.

Widen has honed its more than 60 years of experience in premedia and color management specifically for the creative industry, assisting its clients with marketing execution, creative support and sales enablement through its inventive suite of web-based digital asset management applications. It provides marketing networks with real-time web-based access to the clients’ digital asset libraries, which subsequently eliminates added costs for hardware, software and upgrades.


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