We’re revealing the upcoming Creative Suite 6 Production Premium Release

We are so excited to show our customers ®Adobe Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium-including major updates for Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6 and Adobe After Effects® CS6- before its official release! Check out the top new CS6 Production Premium features on our CS6 Production Premium Reveal webpage.


CS6 Production Premium is packed with major updates to help bring high-quality productions to any screen. The suite features significant updates to familiar tools including powerful new versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Story, Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Photoshop, along with two new tools, Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 for professional color grading, and Adobe Prelude CS6, an elegant solution for the process of ingest, logging and transcoding, essential tasks in a modern file-based workflow.

What’s new in CS6 Production Premium

Redesigned by and for video editors, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 introduces a sleek, fresh editing environment. Users can edit more fluidly with a streamlined user interface, which puts an editor’s focus on the media and uninterrupted playback. Dynamic Timeline Trimming offers new flexibility when tuning edits by allowing users to trim right on the timeline with keyboard entries or dynamically in the Program monitor with JKL Trim. New performance enhancements to the Mercury Playback Engine include 64-bit cross-platform support for OpenCL on currently shipping MacBook Pros. New 3rd party API for hardware integration – Adobe Mercury Transmit – allows broadcast video monitoring to connect directly into the Mercury Playback Engine via third-party cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design, and Matrox. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 has dozens of other new features too – including GPU-accelerated Warp Stabilizer, multiple enhancements to audio mixing and monitoring, native support for additional cameras such as Arri, and new ‘unlimited camera angle’ multicam support. Read more about all the new Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 features here.

New innovations in Adobe After Effects CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended help extend users’ imaginations and creative ideas. The most significant After Effects release in a decade, After Effects CS6 is faster and more responsive than ever. With the new Global Performance Cache, previews are saved and ready to go-and intermediate results are re-used which cuts the time spent re-rendering massively; for a user bouncing between projects it can offer up to a 70% increase in throughput and creativity. After Effects also features an intuitive 3D camera tracker to create complex composites more easily, as well as photo-realistic extruded 3D text and shapes. Read more about all the new After Effects CS6 features here, and download the Photoshop beta release here.

Brand new additions to CS6 Production Premium, Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 and Adobe Prelude CS6, extend the reach of our end to end workflow. No matter what your workflow, Prelude CS6 enables user to ingest, transcode, tag and log nearly any file-based format. Prelude goes well beyond static metadata and allows for adding searchable temporal markers and notes. In addition to logging, takes and identifying selects, Prelude offers the ability to quickly assemble simple rough cuts, making it easy for producers, assistant editors, and others to help craft editors get a jump-start on storytelling. SpeedGrade CS6 allows users to manipulate color and light for any type of content, redefining Stereo 3D, RAW processing, color grading and finishing for professional film and television. Streamlining production tasks with a unified toolset,

Audition CS6 accelerates audio post-production with dozens of new features that, like those in Adobe Premiere Pro, make editing faster and more intuitive. Real-time clip stretching makes it simple to stretch clips to fit an edit and Automatic Speech Alignment introduces a powerful new engine for ADR. The fastest audio editor gets even faster with improved controls for grouping clips, spotting clips, previewing edits, and new export flexibility, including support for CD burning. Read more about all the new Audition CS6 features here.

Adobe Story lets you outline your ideas, write scripts quickly with automatic formatting, and collaborate online. Plan and schedule fast-paced video projects with powerful preproduction software, organize production with reports, and leverage script metadata in post-production. Adobe Story has strong momentum coming into the CS6 release. With more than 150,000 users worldwide, it has also seen broad adoption by broadcasters such as ITV. New features in Adobe Story help you get your ideas onscreen more quickly and efficiently than ever before. One of the most significant new areas of functionality is production scheduling, which leverages the rich metadata at the heart of every script to streamline production and make the most of every day on a shoot.

Learn more about the top new features in CS6 Production Premium here. This is not the official “Announce” of these CS6 products yet, just a sneak peek at all of the new features in the Video and Audio products in CS6 Production Premium. If you’re attending the NAB Show, swing by our Adobe booth #SL2624 in the Las Vegas Convention Center to see demos of these new CS6 releases. CS6 Production Premium will also be presented in more than 60 partner booths throughout the NAB exhibition.

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