Valera Screens shows mobile green screens for content creators at CES 2019

Valera Screens will introduce at CES 2019 the lightest, most portable line of mobile green screens, designed for content creators, from podcasters to filmmakers.

Valera Screens shows mobile green screens for content creators at CES 2019

As more and more content is produced with the aim to introduce dynamic scenes as background, mobile green screens are a must for a new generation of content creators. Valera Screens will show its solutions at CES 2019.

Valera screens will show at CES 2019 their new line up of portable green screens designed for content creators avid to find a  solution that fits their needs and budget. While green screens have, traditionally, been used in studios, with large green screen fabrics, rigging and lighting, there is now the need for lighter and more portable versions used by anyone from live streamers to filmmakers, YouTube producers or anyone wanting to transport the audience to a scene that is not there.

Computers have helped to make green screen techniques accessible to more people, and more portable versions of green screens have been built in a DIY- style. With Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality expanding, the technique is becoming an essential part of many productions. Mobile devices and streaming technology have also allowed people to capture content anywhere and share it in new ways, many times transporting the audiences to a dynamic scene that was not there in the first place.

Valera Screens shows mobile green screens for content creators at CES 2019

Portable and affordable green screens

With so many areas where the need to remove backgrounds is paramount, Valera Screen has created what the company believes is an “innovative and accessible green screen technology”, by taking technology used in movie studios to create stunning visual effects – and inventing affordable, mobile green screens that content creators can take and use anywhere.  From gamers, to live streamers, YouTube producers, taped podcasters, filmmakers, actors, businesses, schools and more.

“We designed our products around growing trends in mobile content creation and we’re looking forward to launching products that are ahead of the curve,” says Rajeev Mishra, founder and CEO of Valera Screens. “Content creators and streamers are looking for new ways to increase their appeal, and we’re making it accessible for them to achieve professional looking content with portable and affordable green screens that unleash creativity.”

Valera Screens shows mobile green screens for content creators at CES 2019

Two Explorer and one Creator green screens

Valera Screens takes to CES 2019 its line of of mobile green screens designed for content creators to capture, edit and produce stunning content seamlessly. The product line offers one of the lightest and most portable green screens on the market. The company has three models including Explorer, which comes in two sizes, and Creator 95. The screens feature proprietary Chromaboost wrinkle-resistant fabric for enhanced performance in low light. Both the Explorer and Creator series are built around the unique needs of streamers.

The Explorer is the first mobile screen with a tripod. Featuring a two-minute set up, it offers height adjustment and landscape and portrait orientation, weighs less than 8 lbs., includes a carrying bag and comes in two sizes: 70” model, which retails for $99, and 90” model, which retails for $129. The second model is the portable and colapsible Creator 95, boasting a 59” x 75” surface area, including a built-in carrying handle. It weighs less than 11 lbs, and takes 10 seconds to deploy. The Creator retails for $139.

Valera Screens shows mobile green screens for content creators at CES 2019

Free green screens for kids

Inspired by the rise of technology used in schools, Valera Screens has also developed a program to encourage artistic freedom and creativity in the classroom. The “Unleashing Classrooms” program partners with schools to provide free green screens for kids from K-12.  The company says that it is  excited by the idea of giving students the tools “to expand the possibilities of their video projects by being able to add special effects and backgrounds, which in the past could only be done by the Hollywood studios.”

Valera Screens was born of  the need to solve a problem, as so many other projects. The founder and CEO of the company, Rajeev Mishra, was looking for a way to connect with his tech savvy kids and create a memorable occasion for his son’s birthday. In 2012, he set out to create the ultimate karaoke experience set to an American Idol backdrop. Although Rajeev had spent most of his career in technology, it wasn’t easy to figure out how to turn his son’s friends into singing Idols. After lots of research, he discovered the magic of green screens and rented one from a Hollywood supply company.  While the output was impressive, the hardware, software, and setup was not easy.

Valera Screens shows mobile green screens for content creators at CES 2019

A family business

Four years later, in 2016, as mobile devices took over his household, Rajeev observed his sons using their cellphones to capture and share homemade videos. His sons binged on content from Twitch and YouTube, which often used DIY green screens. Rajeev Mishra remembered his earlier experience with green screens and envisioned a future where anyone could be a creator, empowered to share their content from anywhere in the world! He knew green screens were key to the creative process, they just needed to be redesigned to be used outside of a studio. With the goal of easy, quality, mobile content creation— Rajeev and his son Shay, decided to build Valera Screens.

You can find the Valera Screens on show at CES 2019 and get more information about the products from the company’s page. The Valera Screens are available through the company’s website and on Amazon.

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