The Best of Stunning Good Looks

A directory of my best articles, sorted by topic.

This entry is a guide to my best articles, sorted by topic. Enjoy!


My Love Affair with Alexa (Alexa)
Lighting Against the Wind: The Making of a Mime Music Video (Canon 7D)
VFX Tell the Story in California State Fair Spots (RED ONE M)
Behind the Scenes of “Rambus: 20th Anniversary” (RED ONE M)
WEAVE PSA’s: Excellence on a Budget (RED ONE M)
A Tale of Forbidden Love, Shot on RED (RED ONE M)
Anatomy of a Spot: Commonwealth Club (RED ONE M)
Tiger Lillies Music Video (RED ONE M)
My First Shoot with the Canon 5D (Canon 5D Mk II)
Behind-the-Scenes of a Facebook Mobile Spec Spot (RED ONE M)
Anatomy of a Porsche Spec Spot (Sony F35)
Porsche F35 Spec Spot Revealed (Sony F35)
Porsche Spot VFX Breakdown (Sony F35)
My First Shoot with the Sony F35
The RED ONE Outdoors (RED ONE M)
Lighting Simply for the RED ONE (RED ONE M)
No on Prop 8: Shot on RED (RED ONE M)
“Conversation”: Anatomy of an HD Spot (Sony F900)
“I Decide”: Anatomy of a No-Budget HD Spot (Panasonic HPX-500)
The Thorons: Anatomy of an HD Spot (Sony F900)
Oops, We Did It Again: Gorgeous Pictures from the HVX-200 (Panasonic HVX-200)
It’s Not the Budget, It’s Where You Put the Camera! (Panasonic HVX-200)
My First RED Shoot: The Training Wheels Come Off! (RED ONE M)
The Debut: Wii Spec Spot Now Online (RED ONE M)


Lighting Advice for Budding DP’s
Random Tips from a Professional Camera Operator
Composition Occurs in both Space and Time
Advice to a Camera Trainee
How to Break Into the Camera Department
The Fine Art of Negotiating


Alexa Dynamic Range: It’s All In How You Use It
Canon 5D: How Much Dynamic Range Does It Really Have?
RED ONE MX Latitude Tests
IR Filter Cheat Sheet
Arri Alexa and Far Red
Step into the Matrix: What I Learned from Examining RED’s Build 30 Color Science
Everyone Looks Sexy at 1000fps
Rough Guide to Flicker-Free Shooting
Mysteries of Color and Light
The Last Far Red Filter You’ll Ever Need? Tiffen T1 and Sony EX1/EX3/F35
Why Do Blue Filters Hurt So Much?
The Not-So-Technical Guide to S-Log and Log Gamma Curves
The Secret of P2 Slating


GearNex: The Next Generation of Gear Head
Two New Sharp-Looking Charts from DSC Labs
Tiffen DFX2 Digital Filters
The ND .90 Filter as an IR Pre-Production Tool

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