The 24 fps Prayer

It’s a religious issue…

We at Meets The Eye have been discussing frame rates today, triggered by the article at We’d like to use frame rate as a creative control, not as overcranking or undercranking, but as a presentation tool to affect mood and perception. None of us are particularly enamored of 24 fps, and Tim Blackmore was feeling frustrated enough by it and its persistence as a baseline for production and distribution that he composed the following:

Our Frame Rate, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy cadence.
Though new display technology come,
thy blur be done,
on LCDs as it is on Plasmas
Give us this day our daily motion sickness.
And forgive us our disgust,
as we forgive those who use slow frame rates to spite us.
And lead us not into 2:3 pulldown,
but deliver unto us both HD and 4K.
For thine is the look, the feel and the tired old standard.
for ever and ever. Amen.

You might disagree, but then, that often happens with religious issues…

(Oh, and it’s © 2008 by Tim Blackmore. Pass it on, but give the guy credit if you do!)

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