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The other DAM TV jingles like Mr. Cutting A Promo For A Lame Show Guy

We all love the Rough Cut Lady Song and Impossible Promo Approval Guy … but there are 4 more

As the year winds down I thought it would be fun to revisit some comedy bits that all editors love. The Rough Cut Lady Song and Impossible Promo Approval Guy jingles are classics we’ve loved for years. But there’s a few more jingles from that same real marketing genius batch that are less widely known. You know you want to hear Mr Cutting A Promo For A Lame Show Guy.

A little history: Back in 2009 a friend in LA sent me an mp3 copy of the Rough Cut Lady Song and I knew it would be an instant hit. YouTube was still young at the time so I tossed some timecode onto the audio clip and posted it to my account. Here we are 115,000 views later it’s still a fun thing to listen to. No one has ever asked me to take it down.

A few months after that I was also sent the Impossible Promo Approval Guy jingle and that we went up on YouTube as well. It only has 22,000 views but it’s equally entertaining, in fact I like it better.

I wasn’t sure the origin of these bits when I first posted them but found out later in 2006 (from the now defunct Showbiz Notes site) they came from the Discovery Channel and their Discovery Advertising and Marketing arm; hence the name DAM TV. A conversation about them a few weeks ago reminded me that there were other jingles in this series out there but the links that I had to them have long since disappeared. A little searching around the Internet and I was able to find them at this Creative League page (I hope that was okay Creative League, if not lmk and I’ll take them down). Since the other jingles are on YouTube for all the world to hear I plopped the audio underneath some stock footage and uploaded them as well. There’s a bit more detail on the origin of these jingles here so click over and give that a read while enjoying these new-ish (and probably unheard) DAM TV jingles.

Happy New Year!

Mr. Cutting A Promo For A Lame Show Guy


Mr. Asking Us To Think Outside The Box Guy


Miss Small Talk In The Elevator Girl


Mr Waiting for Conference Room Man

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