The new reality of IT lives outside IT

Box.net CEO: The new reality of IT lives outside IT – Chief Marketing Technologist.

Aaron Levie, the CEO of co-founder ofBox.net — and a self-acknowledged purveyor of “shadow IT” — wrote a terrific post for the Fortune Tech blog on CNNMoney.com today:To save the IT department, blow up the IT department.

On a daily basis, a select group of individuals are making technology decisions on behalf of their entire organization. They’re implementing services to solve real business problems, sometimes under the guidance of their IT department, but most often on their own.For the first time, the power of technology decision-making is in the hands of those who will be using the solutions deployed. These are the managers, project leaders and knowledge workers responsible for getting work done — not just the IT administrators managing implementation or the executives writing the checks.

One of the tenets of Aaron’s article is thattheadoption of technology is now often different from thebuying of technology. Before, those used to be linked together under the complete control of the CIO. In the previous era, adoption often “happened grudgingly, after technology had already been forced on employees from the top-down.”

No longer.

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