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The AJA Press Conference at NAB 2016

It’s the first morning of NAB and AJA has their press breakfast to get bellies full before the show begins. Here’s a few notes from the event. AJA’s CEO gives us the scoop on lots of new products. I’m highlighting just a few of them here. 

RovoControl is control software for their RovoCam camera. 

These new U-Tap tools are a new version of the T-Tap. They are driverless capture devices that the OS sees like a webcam. Thing Skype, FaceTime, GoTo Meeting. If you’re a video conferencing nut tips might be very handy. 

$345 for both an HDMI and an SDI version. 

HELO, H.264 stream and recorder. A record button, a stream button, plug some media in (SD care slot) and you’re ready to go. A KiPro for the streaming industry (credit for that goes to Oliver Peters who is sitting right next to me). AJA’s first H.264 box.  $1295 shipping soon. 

AJA is famous for many of their mini (and not so mini) converters. Hit the AJA website for all of those as there are several new options. Way to many of those to go through here. 

FS4 is a new frame converter to add to their line. There are a lot of features and functionality in this box. “The ultimate 4K/ultra HD and 2k/hd/sd toolbox.” New prices across the FS line. 

New CION v1.3 firmware. Looks like more dynamic range in their screenshots. Free and available next month.  They are also giving PAK media recording unit to new CION purchases. 

DNxHR is coming to the Ki|Pro Ultra. There isa new adapter to connect an aSATA RAID to a Ki Pro Ultra. That will allow for a lot of recording time. 

AJA has 4 Ki Pro’s running an 8K display in their booth. I’m gonna stare at that. 

New AJA desktop control software for both Mac and PC coming next month.  

KONA IP  ($2495 available next month) is AJA’s first IP video product. This is important as IP video is a coming thing and is going to be big. Avid devoted a lot of time to IP video at Avid Connect. “Extensible, flexible, a platform for the future.” It’s IP video in and out instead of SDI in and out. Works with Avid, Adobe and lots of other software. Operating system is Windows and Linux. Sorry no Mac. Mac OS seems to be left out of a lot of this IP video talk. 

AJA will have a “tech preview” of an IP to HDMI mini converter. 

That’s it for the AJA press conference. This is the first time I’ve ever covered a press conference from NAB in “real time” via an iPad. Well I guess the Avid Connect was really the first. It’s an interesting time we live in. 

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