The Filmtools Podcast Eps 6. with Producer & Cinematographer Mauricio van Hasselt

A Lively Conversation About One’s Path Into The Industry

Each week, The Filmtools Podcast talks with industry professionals in a candid conversation about their career, relevant news within the industry, and about the art and gear behind filmmaking.

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This week we had a conversation with cinematographer, director, VFX artist and producer Mauricio van Hasselt. Born in Spain, Mauricio was first bit by the filmmaking bug after having a chance to visit the set of “Dune” in the early 1980’s. After building and selling a small post production studio in Mexico, Mauricio seized an opportunity to study visual effects. Since making that decision, Mauricio has taught the art of VFX to many around the world. More recently, Mauricio started producing and camera operatoring for a SYFY feature length films that he co-created.

We really enjoyed our conversation with Mauricio and we hope you like it too! Listen to the full episode below:

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