The Content Graph and the Future of Brands – Publishing 2.0

The Content Graph and the Future of Brands – Publishing 2.0.

The Content Graph — an analogue to theSocial Graph, where high quality content brands create a large scale distribution network that could rival search and social media as a distributor of content.

In the Social Graph, you’re defined by your friends. In the Content Graph, a content brand is defined by its distribution relationships with other content brands.

The Content Graph is about leveraging the brand equity and consumer trust that is the greatest asset of every traditional media company. It’s about building a content brand’s reputation through distribution.

The news industry’s business model broke after it lost control over the distribution of news, with news brands suffering one wave of disintermediation after another.

The Content Graph puts news brands back in the game, but not as a return to monolithic monopolies, rather through the power ofnetworks — a network of content brands. (This network includes independent journalists who cultivate their own personal brands.)

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