Tangent Hub gets a HUD

Tangent just released a new version of the Tangent Hub software, which introduces a major change: a HUD (heads up display) for Ripple.

Tangent Hub gets a HUD

As Scott Simmons wrote here at PVC, “at $350 the Tangent Ripple is the cheapest way to really up your color correction game”. Now the Ripple is even better, with the addition of a HUD.

Ripple has no display on the panel and so the HUD is there to display what the controls are currently mapped to. This is a major improvement when you want to have several “banks” of controls as you can now see what bank you’re in and what it’s controlling.

So for example, you may have the balls mapped to lift, gamma, gain in bank 1, but in bank 2 you may have them mapped to control sizing. You can add as many banks as you like and use the A or B button to step through the banks. Banks were already a feature of the Tangent Hub and the HUD now makes them more accessible to users of the Ripple panel.

The HUD can be positioned to appear anywhere on your computer screen. You can select what triggers it to “pop up”. You can select how long it remains on the screen for.

For a complete review of Ripple, follow the link to read Scott Simmons article published here at ProVideo Coalition in May this year.

Regarding Ripple there is another interesting piece of news, which Scott Simmons had already hinted at in May: an upcoming Color Finale update for Final Cut Pro X will also support control surfaces, meaning it will support Tangent products as the Ripple. Denver Riddle told PVC, that when it comes to the update, “we should have it ready at least by IBC”. The IBC exhibition happens in Amsterdam from 9 until the 13th of September. IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide and its there that the Color Finale update will be presented. So, if you’re a Ripple user, download the software now available and prepare for what’s coming.

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