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Syntheyes 101

3D Motion Tracking


Learn Syntheyes, a 3D motion tracking application. I’ll show you step by step how to import, track, solve and export the track data as well as a few other pointers.

This is an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve received numerous emails about this tutorial from all over the world since I originally released it in early 2008. I’m actually quite shocked as to how well it was received considering it was my first ever attempt at a video tutorial. I’ve been wanting to bring this tutorial over to share with my PVC readers for awhile and have now been able to do so as of today. Please continue to spread the word, I’m glad it has helped so many people already and I hope it continues to to do so here.

I am in the works on an updated version of this tutorial for the current version of Syntheyes 2008, but can’t really say when I plan on having it done. I will say that nearly everything I talk about in this tutorial is still completely valid for Syntheyes 2008.

The “Syntheyes 101” tutorial is a basic start to finish look at how to motion track a video clip and export the track data.

I cover the following topics:
– The UI (user interface)
– Opening a video clip
– Properties panels
– Spotting and adjusting troublesome trackers
– Solving the shot
– Color coding solved trackers for your own sanity
– Using the Coordinate System
– Adding a 3D reference object
– Tips on checking overall track for accuracy
– Exporting the track
– Also various hotkeys are mentioned throughout the video

Enjoy and happy tracking. 😉

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