Sony framerate policy in 2022: still restrictive & deceiving 21
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Hopefully they’ll see this article and be more like the competition!

King Bell

I completely agree with what you have written. I hope this post could reach more people as this was truly an interesting post.

Stephen Franchek

This messed me up so bad. I had a shoot with an A7S3 and my FX6. I ended up changing the FX6 to 24fps thinking I was matching the A7S3. Ended up recording 23.98 on the A7S3 and 24 on the FX6

Clayton Moore

Panasonic is still one Auto Focus system update away from being the cameras to buy in my opinion. Which makes you wonder why Panasonic cannot or will not do away with that elephant in the room. Industry standard (SONY Canon) AF and their good. It’s very strange to say the least.


Thank you Mr. Tépper for your exactitude; it’s something about you for which I have great respect.

With regard to the statement that “…I know that exact 60 fps has become a standard for gamers (likely due to a misunderstanding caused by some innocent engineer who read a 59.94 spec which was deceptively rounded to “60”)”, I would to respectfully suggest that it may also be related to the fact that ordinary (that is, non-gamer) LCD computer monitors, including the display panels used on notebook/laptop computers, virtually all run at 60 Hz. And that’s worldwide, even in regions where the power line frequency is 50 Hz.

I specified “non-gamer” monitors and display panels above because they will often run at 144 Hz or 240 Hz and there are now monitors/panels that support variable frame rates that track the actual frame rate that the users’ system is generating at any given moment in time which is usually a function of the degree of on-screen action being generated in the game and the ability of the system, mainly the GPU, to sustain that rate at any given moment in time.

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