Sigma 65mm T1.5 High-Speed Cine Lens
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Nate Weaver

First thing you learn when moving from S35 to FF for motion is that your 50 is no longer tight enough, and 85 is too much. Glad they finally addressed this.

Troy Phillips

On a full frame camera I love the 65mm fov . I was shooting interviews with a Sony a7siii and the Sigma 65mm f/2.0 series I Contemporary lens . I really love the look. I went and bought the Sigma 90mm f/2.8 for interviews after getting the 65 because I figured it would be a better lens for this . For the most part I like the 65mm fov because. I shoot it fairly shallow dof even f/2 on the interviews sometimes at night . I’ll use lighting in the background and get some nice bokeh . The 65mm fov can tell a little background story of where I’m at or doing . Or just make the background look cool with some nice bokeh . The Sigma renders background lighting very nice. Way nicer than my Sony GM lenses.

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