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Thanks for this overview. My Razer Core X is en route arriving in a couple days. It’s 2 years since you wrote this but hopefully it still holds.

I didn’t really have any plans for an eGpu but recently I grabbed a budget PC laptop. Main intent is a primary school device for my kid, but a secondary for me for some casual gaming. My primary laptop is a MacBook Pro, currently the 2019 16″ one. While it does have Intel so I could do PC gaming on it via bootcamp that’s always a hassle with the rebooting and all so I wanted to go this route. So since the PC laptop – a galaxy book2 360 – has a thunderbolt 4 port, I’m looking forward to taking advantage of it to get some decent PC gaming in via an eGpu.

But I’m also interested to see how it could amp up anything I do w/ my
2019 16″ MacBook Pro. I believe that is going to be compatible w/ the Razer core x, I just am not sure if the Radeon GeForce 3060i card I plan to use will be. The video editing work I do is light but I do have some more ambitious production plans down the pipe.

The only complication is that I usually keep a 2.75 year cycle for my MBPs, replacing it right before the Applecare extended warranty ends. So I’ll be replacing this MBP in the spring. Since the new ones are non-intel, not sure I’ll be able to use the eGpu w/ the MacBook Pro anymore.

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