Quicktips 2011 Day 29: Unlocking bins in Avid Unity

February 29, 2011 – Here’s a tip for dealing with locked bins when working in Avid Unity

This reader submitted Quicktip comes from Brendan McCullough. This is a tip for when you encounter a locked bin while working on an Avid Unity system. I don’t work on a Unity so I haven’t ever encountered this myself but it looks like a nice, sneaky little tip. I would say fair warning though to be sure you know what’s happening in the suite around you whenever modifying something like this in a shared environment.

Here’s Brenden’s tip:

When working in an Avid Unity environment, many times you’ll encounter a bin that appears locked, as though someone else currently has it open in another suite, which is not, in fact, open at all. This occurs most commonly when Media Composer crashes with the offending bin open at the time.


One way to open it is to go and find the offending client machine, open the project the bin resides in, open and close the bin. Once that is done, you can open the bin in the the suite you normally work in. The other, easier, way to unlock the bin is to navigate to the project folder in Windows Explorer/Finder and find the *.lck file (the “lock” file):


If you delete this, Avid will no longer see the bin as locked and you’ll be go to go.

That’s our first Avid Unity tip ever! Thanks to Brenden. You can follow him on Twitter @thisisbpm.

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