Quicktips 2011 Day 20: One of the most simple, handy Quicktips ever

February 20, 2011 – This Quicktip is so simple, yet so brilliant and can be utilized by most anyone

This Quicktip is a bit off the topic of editing and post-production but it’s a simple tip for Sunday and it can probably be utilized by most any editor who has a desk and has a lot of wires snaking up and around the desk. Credit for finding this one goes to Shane Ross of Little Frog in Hi-Def. He actually found it on Digg and his Twitter comment said it all: Why the hell didn’t I think of this?


That’s so simple, yet so brilliant. Thanks to Shane for posting that find. You can follow Shane on Twitter: @comebackshane.

If you’re near an Ikea then you should also check out some of their cable management accessories. They are cheap and work pretty well. I use several of them to go along with a Galant desk system that I have. I’ve also grabbed a few good cable management systems at my local Radio Shack store over the years.

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