Quicktips 2011 Day 01: Apply multiple FCP bin comments at once

February 1, 2011 – right + click to apply multiple comments to clips at once in FCP bin


This is one of my favorite little gems when logging clips in Final Cut Pro. When using list view in the FCP Browser you can right + click (or control + click) on a single button mouse to apply different types of column criteria to multiple FCP clips at once. It’s not just for Master Comment columns either but quite a few other user selectable columns as well.

It’s pretty simple: While in a list view just select more than one clip at a time (basically the clips you want to change column data for) and then right + click on one of the clips in the column where you want to change the data:


Changing column data for multiple clips at once is as simple as a right + click

Then choose from the pop-up list the data that you want to apply to those selected clips. Any data that you’ve added thus far will be available. This works in most all FCP data columns that support user entry like the Master Comment columns, Label, Log Note, Angle … things like that. It also works when changing the reel name in the Reel column but beware that doing that modifies the actual media file.

Remember this is a right + click or a control + click on a single button mouse. But really, who’s still using a single button mouse these days?

And don’t forget we’re looking for reader Quicktips as well. Submit your own short Quicktip (Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer or any major post-production application) and you could win your choice of a free book. All details and where to submit your own Quicktip are located here.

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