PVC at NAB 2014 – Talking CION workflow with AJA

As well as discussing some of their other NAB products


While all the biggest news and coverage out of AJA came around their surprise CION camera I took my turn interviewing Bryce Button of AJA about a few things beyond the CION. I wanted to chat about another interesting surprise from AJA called the LUT-box. This unassuming $695 interface sits just outside of your viewing monitor in the signal chain and is designed to transform that signal with a 3D LUT. Yes some monitors can support a LUT so you wouldn’t need the device in those situations but there are many places where the LUT-box will be a great addition. Plus it’s the only box of this type designed for such a specific task.

But we couldn’t chat with Bryce without talking some about the CION, which we talked about mostly. While PVC’s Matt Jeppsen covered the CION from the DP’s POV but I also tried to dig in with some CION workflow questions from an editor’s POV. We discussed timecode and metadata from the CION camera as well as discussing a number of workflow possibilities. Like most out there I can’t wait until this thing gets out in the world and we start seeing footage come into edit.



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