Preparing Yourself To Cover Inauguration Protests 1
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Scott Simmons

Good stuff Brian. That’s a lot of stuff many of us never think about. Stay safe out there.

Joe Smith

This is incredibly biased. Reporters were attacked at BLM Protests too. I’ve seen video of Antifa harassing a Fox News crew.

Patrick Chase

Nice “whataboutism” there. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Also, “harassing” is very different from “brandishing a gun at somebody” or “dragging somebody over a wall and beating them up”. One is annoying but broadly with the protesters’ free speech rights, while the others threaten lethal violence and are flatly illegal.

Andrew Smith

Been meaning to comment on this article for ages, but hadn’t gotten around to it. In a sense it really is a small minded approach or view.

Firstly, the advice regarding gunfights comes to mind. The best way to survive a gunfight is to not even be there.

An extension to this would be that if you’re going to cover a protest, don’t look like a protester. A Channel 7 (Australia) news crew did this and ended up getting bluntly shoved aside by police whose only interest was clearing a path and weren’t spending time asking people if they really were protesters or not. Fortunately for them someone else had footage of what happened to them and so it was used in the news. They ended up getting some journalism award for it. Go figure.

I’ve personally filmed many protests and my personal experience is that the rat bags know exactly where the line is and don’t cross it. Worst thing is they might complain to police that they don’t like you filming them. If anything, they perform better when they know there is a TV camera there and as a result I get better footage. I’ve quite happily been right in the middle of the unhappy chappies and not at all worried about my safety.

For the protests I’ve been to, people are generally glad for media coverage as it means their efforts result in the issue being brought to the minds many more people. What doesn’t get appreciated is outright bias in the reporting and them not getting a fair go. If you find the crowd (who know the issue vs reporting of it better than average) turning on you, then this might be worth considering as a base issue.

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