How Premiere Pro CS6 was used to create new music video for Keith Urban’s “For You”

Bandito Brothers, Sunset Edit, and Hurlbut Visuals use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software to make music video sing with cinematic beauty.

As a followup to its success with Act of Valor, the creative media collective Bandito Brothers stepped up to produce the music video for Keith Urban’s powerful new song “For You”, written for the Act of Valor soundtrack. Scott Waugh of Bandito Brothers directed the video, Shane Hurlbut was the director of photography, and multiple-award-winning editor Ken Mowe of Sunset Edit (who previously edited exclusively with Avid software) used Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time to edit the music video.

Shot with ARRI Alexa Studio and Canon Cinema EOS C300-new formats which can be mixed on a single timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6-as well as Canon EOS 5D and 7D cameras, the project incorporates the newest digital cinematography processes. Features such as the enhanced multicam editor in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 gave the team creative freedom to tell the story in the most impactful way. The sleek, new user interface, keyboard-driven workflows, and powerful trimming features, also helped make editing more fluid and precise. For more details on these new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, see the Adobe website.

After completing the initial edit, the Bandito Brothers team organized all the assets-VFX shots, edited footage from Urban’s performance, and clips from the film-copied it all to a drive, and hand-delivered it to Mowe at Sunset for the final edit. In a departure from his traditional toolset as a music video veteran, Mowe used the beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and was pleased with the flexibility and performance and said, “After three hours with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 I felt very comfortable and I would use it again.”

A huge congratulations to the team for an amazing video!

For more details of how this project was shot and produced, see this video.


Michelle Gallina

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