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Jedidiah Ds

I was always in the awe of how films are made, I’ve been trying to be a filmmaker myself, I’ve been creating content on YouTube And Instagram, i would love the opportunity to learn from all of this amazing creators, artists, get into the background, always wanted to, also i would like to get the free coupon as I’m running short on finances at the moment. My account is JayD bro, just check it, and if you think I deserve it, I’ll definitely be happy to attend this event. Thank you so much for your time

Jason Konoza

I agree, Scott! PPW is one of the best reasons to attend NAB in Vegas every year. Not just for the quality classes, but the familiar faces as well. And hey, since I’m stuck at home for a while why not learn something? 😀

Nathan Downing

I’ve attended NAB a couple of times, but I’ve never had the budget or time to attend the PPW training sessions. I’ve always been curious because I’ve heard good things about the sessions! I’d really like to learn from the variety of presenters and explore more training about Resolve and the new Media Composer. Thanks!

John Y

It’s been some years since I had the privilege of attending NAB & PPW. Work schedule and finances have interfered with my ability in recent years but I highly recommend it for all professionals working in the industry. The online concept is wonderful but my hope is that we’ll be able to attend in person next year. The ability to watch all recorded sessions for 120 days should be continued next year for all registrants since it would be impossible to attend every session in person.

John Y

Registered. Thank you!

Ashok V.A

Hi guys,

it is a great initiative and something that had to happen. Glad you guys are the ones who chose to bell the cat.

it is wonderful panel and topics and I am so looking forward to attending it.

I would have gladly paid for it but it is the times that are challenging.

if I don’t win this free ticket, I will definitely try to attend.

Looking forward


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