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Please allow me to introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself ….

Hi, I’m Scott Simmons. you may remember me from such such blog posts as A Case Against Color, Compressor hatred. Resolved? or the infamous What’s wrong with the young FCP editor? It’s not all about bagging on FCP since I use it all the time and like to talk about the good things as well. As an early adopter of Final Cut Pro version 1.0 the only way I could have been using it longer would be to have been a beta tester! I also love and use Avid Media Composer. From my Avid Media Composer 3.0 review to If I Were Appointed Avid’s CEO, a little love and tough-love is often in order. And how can we leave out discussion on the RED camera and its unique challenges in post. Oh, there’s also one of my favorite topics, the ever raging Avid vs. Final Cut Pro debate. All of these articles come from my years of running The Editblog over on my own site as well as writing for Studio Daily. But it’s not all about writing.

I’m also a creative non-linear Avid/Final Cut Pro film/television/video editor. Plus there are all of the other hats than an editor must wear these days too: graphic designer, audio mixer, sound designer, compositor, colorist, client manager, QuickTime expert, Macintosh troubleshooter and technology understanderer just to name a few. I’ve been a professional editor for going on 9 years and have worked in and around post-production for over a decade (man … writing that sentence makes me feel old!). In these years in the Nashville, Tennessee market I’ve worked on just about any and every type of program from music videos to commercials, narrative to documentary, corporate to broadcast. Editing is fun. Helping writers, producers and directors mold their raw footage into a finished product brings me great joy. Writing about these techniques and processes helps me understand and appreciate the art and craft of editing that much more. Along the way we might talk about filmmaking, music, movies and popular culture too. It’s great to bring the Editblog over to ProVideo Coalition right alongside some of my favorite writers and teachers that I have been reading for years. You can also find me lurking around a number of Internet forums as editblog and on Vimeo, LinkedIn and Twitter.

🙂 Hey … I’m just happy to be here at all.

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Scott Simmons was born in rural West Tennessee and didn't really realize that movies and tv had to be made by actual people until he went to college. After getting degrees in both Television Production…