Philip Bloom on why he has switched to Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium

Phililp Bloom has posted a new article on his website, “Why I have moved over to Adobe Premiere CS6 from Final Cut 7”, following up on an interview published here, “Philip Bloom tests Adobe Premiere Pro CS6”.

Here’s a sample of what Philip has to say:

“For now CS6 is the best editing system for me…and in particular with the production premium suite gives you integration with After Effects and much more. Premiere CS6 on it’s own is incredible for me. With the integration, again for me, it cannot be beaten. I am using it, loving it and very importantly I save so much time now. My computers are being used to their max and finally I have software that has caught up to my hardware.”

For the rest, check out the full article on Philip’s site.

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Michelle Gallina

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