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UPDATED FOR CC 2018: New icons for all of those different Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Well for After Effects and Premiere Pro really but you can make more


UPDATE ONCE AGAIN for the CC 2018  release (Thanks Sam):


UPDATED once again for the 2017 release:

Isn't that easier to tell which is the NEW Premiere if you have all the old versions installed?
Isn’t that easier to tell which is the NEW Premiere if you have all the old versions installed?

UPDATED for Adobe Premiere Pro CREATIVE CLOUD 2015.3 as well as Media Encoder:


UPDATED for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015:


If you updated your Adobe Creative Cloud apps a few weeks ago then you might have noticed it didn’t really update the apps at all. Rather you got brand

new 2014 versions of the CC apps like Premiere Pro in your applications folder. You may have noticed those app icons look the same. Never fear the Internet is here to help with that first world problem.

By help I mean someone out there has made some Adobe apps icons for After Effects and Premiere Pro that puts a little version number there in the icon to make it a bit easier to tell which one is which. This idea came from PVC’s David Torno as he made a whole slew of icons for all the different versions of After Effects he has installed.

Download them for free right here.

Not to be outdone Twitter user and editor Sam Parnell was inspired by David’s AE creations and made some for Premiere Pro CC.



I immediately downloaded them and dropped them on.

A simple thing yes but it just makes it easy to quickly see which PPro is which in my dock. And since I’ve got projects going in both of them that’s important.




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