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Media Composer 101 – Lesson 20 – Basic Transitions

The most common effect you will add to your timeline is a transition effect, such as a dissolve or a flash to white, which is one effect producers and directors go back to over and over.  For the basic transitions in Media Composer, you’ll be working in the Quick Transition window.  Unfortunately, that window won’t help you when you need to adjust the color of your “Dip to Color” effect, as it’s black by default, and to switch it to white requires you to head into effects mode with the transition selected, to get access to the color parameter.  One of my favorite Media Composer “tricks” is dragging transitions or built effects from the timeline to a bin in your project, and then by multi-selecting clips or edit points, you can drop those effects/transitions on multiple clips/edit points at the same time, to save yourself a ton of time and headaches!

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