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Media Composer 101 – Lesson 13 – Import Settings Part 2 – Graphic Imports

 With the advances Media Composer has made over the years, importing has become less of a task that we need to do.  Linking to has really taken over, as the more common workflow when getting your footage in.  But to be honest, when it comes to getting graphics into Media Composer, as much as you can Link to them, I prefer to still import all my graphics, and I also notice that a lot of editors run into no end of problems with graphics not looking the way they should.  This tutorial should help make better sense of the import window, and have you importing all your titles, looking like they should, in no time flat! 

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Kevin P McAuliffe is a three time North American ProMax award winning editor and a Media Composer editor for over 15 years. He is a featured trainer at MacProVideo and is also one of the…

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