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Media Composer 101 – ADVANCED – What is Transcoding? Part 3: 2K/4K/UHD

So, we’re wrapping up our look at Transcoding in the lesson with a look at transcoding larger than HD material in larger than HD projects.  This, for many editors, is where they get confused.  They first worry about the project size, and then the media they’ll be working with.  As I always stress, YOUR INITIAL PROJECT SETUP IS IRRLEVANT TO WHAT YOU’RE TRANSCODING!!!!  The project type is only relevant to the type/raster dimension of file you’ll be exporting (or potentially outputting to tape/disc) when you’re done, and your edit is approved.  Remember, in version 8.4 of Media Composer, even if you’re only working in HD, you can adjust the project size up to 4K to transcode your media at that resolution, and then bump things back down to edit with.  This way you have the flexibility of utilizing FrameFlex to make framing adjustments to the footage in your shot.  Now, I’m not going to go too in-depth here, as I explain everything you’ll need to know in this weeks lesson.  Hope you enjoy!

 In our next lesson, we’re moving onto Media Management, as I get a ton of e-mails about backing up/archiving your projects, and what the best way to go about it is.  To keep up to speed when new tutorials are released, follow Kevin on Twitter @kpmcauliffe, send him an e-mail at kevinpmcauliffe@gmail.com, or subscribe to the YouTube Channel to stay up to date on new Media Composer tutorials each week.

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