Matrox and other 3rd Party I/O Vendors with CS4

PDF and video information

As many of you know, over the past several weeks, Adobe has been working with the 3rd party I/O board vendors and their current CS4 drivers. This has been a joint effort between these companies and Adobe. CS4 introduced a number of changes ranging from 64 bit memory addressing to I/O calls and so on.

The recent Matrox Axio & RTX driver is working quite well with only a few minor issues for Windows users. We are highly recommending that Windows users upgrade to Vista64 (or Win7 64 when released) & 8GB or 16GB of RAM. Here is a PDF with information on using Matrox Axio and RTX with CS4 and identifies a few of these issues. Matrox is continuing to make improvements to their driver. Make sure to periodically check their website for updates.

If you have any questions on any I/O cards and Premiere CS4 please feel free to ping me or your 3rd party rep. Adobe engineering and myself are working with these companies weekly.

We are also working on a Premiere 4.2 update due next month. A number of fixes plus support for Native AVC-Intra Import.Stay Tuned. I’ll send an update when it’s available.

Adobe Story (our new Metadata Script writing tool) was also released on Adobe Labs – Make sure to check it out and get a free beta download.


Dave Helmly

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