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LumaFusion 2.0 announced at NAB 2019

See the many new updates in LumaFusion video editor for iOS

At NAB 2019, Luma-Touch announced LumaFusion 2.0 with more tracks, track headers, improved media management, a UI (user interface) refresh and markers. This makes the most powerful video editor I know for iOS even more powerful. Here are the details.

More tracks

  • 6 video/audio or graphic tracks
  • 6 additional stereo only audio tracks
  • Or 12 stereo audio only tracks

Track headers for powerful editing

  • Insert/overwrite on each track
  • Lock/unlock tracks
  • View/hide tracks
  • Mute tracks

UI refresh

  • Greater usability on smaller devices – no hidden tools, larger previews
  • Timeline navigator to quickly move through your project
  • New look, icons, layouts
  • Overlay help

Improved media management

  • LumaFusion secures media used on the timeline so it can’t be “optimized” away by iOS
  • Automatically cleans up after projects are deleted


  • Create markers on source clips, or timelines
  • Color tag markers
  • Add comments

External monitor support

  • Send your full screen preview to an external monitor
  • Save screen real estate for editing
  • See full resolution output on a calibrated monitor

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